Kamis, 29 April 2010

Complaint Letter

February 15, 2010

Henry Siahaan
Customer service
CL Sports Ltd.
South Jakarta
(612) 439-6100

Dear Mr,

I recently ordered a pair of sports shoes (Item # 1234) from your company website on February 10, 2010. I accept sneakers on February 12. On opening the package, I discovered that the shoes were defective. There was a small wound on the front left shoe. my order number CD789456.

I send the parcel back to your company addresses with this letter. Shoes that an urgent requirement so I've bought another pair from a local sports shop. As I bought a pair, you can credit to my account number after you receive the package.

Thank you for patiently reading this letter. I have been a loyal customer of your company for the last five years. I never had a problem with your product. This happened for the first time. Will be returned to you if I need sports equipment in the future.


Fairuz Octy Fiyan

Dear Mr or madam,

I bought a Canon brand camera and the classic model in your Store on February 12, 2010. Unfortunately, the camera model is not performed as expected, and I'm sure the camera is damaged must be replaced under the terms of the warranty.

Problems with the camera including Damage List. To solve this problem satisfactorily, I would appreciate Camera Replacement, a Refund, a Repair, Credit Towards Another model, or other specific action. I've included a copy of all documents relating about my purchase of this model, as well as a list of calls and correspondence from my previous attempts have this problem solved.

I am looking forward to your reply in this matter. I'll wait until the Date Certain answers before seeking help in resolving this dispute from a third party. Please contact me using the information above.


Fairuz Octy Fiyan

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